On The Brink of History

We are traveling at warp speed toward one world government.

As we look at what a virus has ushered in, it is far more than sickness, lockdowns, mandates. It was a tremendous loss of life and loss of rights. And it isn’t over!

Look at the world as proof. In Australia for example, it’s early August of 2021 Melbourne, out of a closed train station echoes a government message about the dangers of the virus. The streets are empty except for the increased police presence. You are not allowed outside between 8pm-5am. Police and the military are doing door checks. They have declared Martial Law, not over a huge number of deaths, nor a large number of hospitalizations. Not even over an out of control of infections. A bit of an overreach, you think?

In Germany, those in power are began a purge a while back. In July of this year, according to NPR: “Germany's defense minister disbanded a unit of the country's elite commando force, known as the KSK, following an official report earlier this year that found far-right extremism within its ranks.”

While they submit that they discovered some questionable music. As well as reported finding Nazi memorabilia. But no crimes were charged even as dozens are fired and the rest restationed. The German defense minister is reported as saying of these folks that they have “come under the influence of an unhealthy understanding of elites."

That is an odd but revealing slip of the tongue!  What do they understand about elites? And what about that understanding is unhealthy and requires this type of treatment, without charges being filed or without a fair trial being held?

They make fantastic claims against these people yet offer nothing but accusations without proof. The make all these charges of groups of white extremists but never reveal who they are?

Who were these groups?

What did these far-right groups do? No one knows because no one says. The left is collectively blowing their whistle, “they are racists” they say, that’s all you need to know. No proof! No names of groups! Why? Because in Germany they do not have to answer why.

In our country it is happening here also. For example, people in all walks of life including the military are being targeted for persecution by firing, being canceled, bullied into silence and obscurity. Our brothers and sisters, fathers, and mothers, those who serve in our military, in hospitals, our schools are being demoted or forced out because they have exercised their freedom to determine what medicine goes into their body and feel free to vote for who they desire.

Some for simply asking fundamental questions. After all for all of our lives when we have been given vaccines, we knew worked. We knew because we had proof and if there were issues, everyone involved behaved like mature adults. The problems were reported and investigated and then reported on again. This time not so, and not even close either.

I have not had the chicken pox vaccine, because I had chicken pox. I wouldn’t take a vaccine for it either and I didn’t make my kids based on family history with chicken pox. My wife and I made an educated decision for our children. Our family our responsibility.

I knew some kids growing up that never had any vaccines, some because their family religious beliefs and other because they had a family history of bad reactions to vaccines.

No one demonized them because we all know that one size does not work. One size fits all does not even work in clothing for a lot of people, me included. It may fit, but not fit the way I like. That determination belongs to each of us as it relates to us only!

I am a person who does not tolerate medicines well. My wife and I both have been diagnosed with Fibro, her a long time ago and myself just recently. There is a medicine my wife takes for her Fibro that was prescribed to me and it caused seizure like tremors throughout my body.  So, I do not take it anymore. There is a growing list of medicines that cause odd to dangerous side effects when I take them. A pill I can quite taking, a shot cannot be taken out.

So, people like me, who do not want to take that kind of chance must be afforded the same freedoms and the ability to make my own choices about what I take. Similar to me and those who hold to beliefs that prevent them from taking certain things, or people who simply say, not right now I need you to answer some of my questions and address my concerns, we are all being marginalized, treated as if we are parasites in a sick and twisted experiment!

Some are being targeted simply because of their skin color. Why?

Why were kids from a Christian school, who went to a pro-life rally and got confronted by activists and when they did little to nothing worthy of being ruined, our leaders on the left and the media went on an all-out smear campaign any way! Why? Because they could and they were sending a clear message to anyone on their side who might get out of line.

Those kids committed no crime, as teens they we even pretty respectful when using a side by side comparison of someone from a leftist group in a similar situation.

I cannot let go of they question “Why?”

I think I know why. I have known in my time on this globe a lot of people from all over the world. I have had at one time, or another had friends from about every corner of the world. And there are plenty of reasons why people from all over the world would come here. And it not as much about money as is portrayed. Anytime I asked why America? The answer was always the same, “you are free to speak your mind and follow your heart!”

I used to work in tech with a guy named Mohamed, a great guy from the middle east. We had a lot of conversations about life, love, religion, culture in the years we worked together and became friends. I asked him early on why a smart guy like himself that could go anywhere in the world would choose here? He said America is a country made up of great people from all over the world, in America I have peace and with-it freedom, and outside the occasional dumbass I run into when I fix cars, I never meet a bad person.

This was after 9-11 folks and he could say that because we are not the people, they make out to be!

While they consider anyone who would dare vote against them, or believe in God, carry a gun, or hell forbid go to Church, because those things according to them make you an extremist!

If you use the actual statistics from the feds for incidents involving white men forming groups who think they are superior because of their color and then commits crimes against persons of other races or other class type discrimination is at the lowest since records have been kept. Not just in the creation of the groups but also the violence and for that matter the recruiting numbers for existing groups all down.

Why do they need us to hate each other? Why would they continually drudge up a very dark time in our past, that their predecessors were responsible for and then claim that conservatives are the bad ones?

They want us to hate each other and will use our country’s darkest time to ensure they take us to an even darker place as punishment for what happened to them during the civil war. And they will destroy anyone, any law or institution. They will destroy our country and our reputation, they sow hate, so they can reap profit, as they rob us everything!

Think about what several sitting members of our national government believe. They feel that if you are a Christian, hold to conservative values, defend life, then you are the devil.

Let’s make sure we understand what they are saying. They suggest that the very type of people who back then worked to undue slavery in this country are now the very racists who fought to keep slaves, enslaved.

This is a brutal re-writing of our history and now that, that seed has started to produce the division they desire, they aim to drive the wedge even deeper.

Now, if this same type of person serves in our military, then there is reason to be alarmed. At least that is their narrative.

Why is there such a globally concerted effort to purge everyone who disagrees with the liberal beliefs and paint them as the devil?

Maybe this is a test run?

Maybe this isn’t a test but the real thing?

I spent a number of years in Tennessee, and it has to make the good people there just hang their head in shame when Congressman Steve Cohen from Tennessee said back in January that “The Guard is 90-some-odd percent, I believe, male. Only about 20% of white males voted for Biden. You gotta figure that in the Guard, which is predominantly more conservative, and I see that on my social media ... they're probably not more than 25% of the people that are there protecting us who voted for Biden, The other 75% are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something”

So, only a leftist, only a person who would vote for Biden is a responsible, peace-loving person worthy of trust. Everyone else, you are a terrorist in their eyes.

Yet no push back from the reporter? No one ever pressed him! What “something” might “they” want to do?

No one asks because we live in an age where our attention span is that of a gnat. A growing majority just do not seem to care. But let me impress on you that this narrative that is being played out, well it's a lie, it is all lies.

The scary part is they are all saying it aloud. If you don't support us, then you are to be silenced!

Even if you are liberal and voted for the current party in power, does that set well with you?

Does it sit well with you that your fellow citizen, maybe even your sibling/s or parent/s be silenced or canceled because they do not agree with someone?

Are you okay with others being forced to either agree or be eliminated?

If you are against racism, how long can you sit idly by as racism is actually being perpetrated by the people you voted for?

Not only that but how long can you sit by and watch innocent people be convicted of crimes they did not commit? And worse yet convicted in the media without a trial or the ability to defend themselves.

What if the shoe were on the other foot and it were a different party doing it to you?

Only those who seek to do evil silence debate and dissenting opinions!

Look, I really am not put off by too many things. I am a Christian, but I am certainly not your average everyday believer either.

I get in trouble a lot for what I say, think and even believe.

See, I believe you train kids, train them to think and to reason. Train them to see God's power in nature and to witness his power and heart in life and know him in our weakness and humility.

For example, I believe that tats are a form of taking a mark that Scripture forbids. Yet I get sneered at by one group because I believe that and equally bashed because several of my adult children have them. I don't like it, they know it. I don't approve, and they know that. I love them and they know that too.

What I believe, I try my best to live; I don't have any tats and neither does my wife.

The way I see it, and here is another belief I get in trouble for, and so we are clear, I am this way with everyone. I am not my kids judge; He is! I'm not your judge. He is!

And I'm that way no matter the issue. From where I sit, each and every one will go before their creator and will answer for how they lived and with that what they did or did not do with Jesus.

That is my worldview and to live in peace with that I have to own who I am or am not and I understand perfectly that I too will go before the same Creator, I am no different than anyone else. We are all equal in that.

All men were created equal, right!

My point, if we are all equal, then that is the best place for us to start with each other. So, let say this, if you did vote for the people who are creating the mess, we find ourselves in and you are not okay with it, then say something to the people you voted for.

I am part of a large and ever-growing family, some parts closer than others but we are all family. Within that dynamic just as I'm sure it does with most families our politics run the gamut.

What stronger families realize is that, at the end of the day we are family. That is the most powerful words and bonds. We are family!

And as Americans we have lost that and there is no doubting it either.

I grew up at the tail end of that sense of family that went further than blood. My friends’ parents were friends of my parents. Until I met people outside my community, I never knew anyone my parents didn't know their parents and more often than not knew their extended family members as well.

It's strange to think of how much we have lost and given up that was so great about America.

Have you ever just sat back and thought about how the nature of the country and the nature of our troubles have dramatically changed over the last 20 years?

How about 40 or 50 or 60 or more years?

Some things have gotten better no doubt about it.

Unfortunately, some of the things that seem to make it better, take the most away from what made us so great.

I saw some pictures the other day. They were taken during the great depression. They were pictures that captured the pain and misery on their faces.

It prompted me to ask this question. Are we as a nation prepared to live without a roof, heating, or air conditioning?

How about breadlines instead of grocery stores? Can you imagine no internet or cell phone service?

I still remember it! It was not that bad. The worst part was dating a girl in the neighboring county and having to walk about a half mile to be able to talk with her on the phone. Yep, my parents would not allow us to make long distance calls! Winters could get rough, but those daily walks made me a better person in the end.

We have moved so far away from those days. We are losing that sense of community that kept us rooting for each other. Without the type of community that embraces each other and desires to include as community the whole then we are doing it wrong.

We must change as a people, all of us. We have to get to that place where we all have each other’s back.

We must get to that place where we all realize and live like we are all we have! Because we are all we have to count on. Our leaders will abandon us when it gets too rough.

To have real community, to have that real connection, and to live at peace with each other we cannot expect politics to do anything but divide us. We have to be able to discuss, share and even passionately debate issue without attacking each other’s character. We cannot be like those who lead us!

We must find that place where we can all see each other as equals and act in each other’s best interests.

Because outside of community we are alone!

When we are alone… Divided We Fall, right!

So how can you and I without knowing each other do what is best for each other?

Maybe the most important thing we can do for each other is by simply respecting each other’s rights to the point where we take offense at the violation of each other’s rights and speak out against such violations.

This may or may not make sense to you, but I want to try it. Let’s take seat belts for example. I don't believe the government or insurance companies should mandate them.

As a kid and as a young adult, I never wore them. I had friends who died in car accidents. Some died without wearing one and yes some even died wearing them.

I started wearing them when my now wife asked me to while we were dating.

No lecture. No pressure. She simply shared her story and asked. Even today, I wear one not because of a man-made law, I wear it out of respect for the one who asked.

See, we don't need the government over regulating and micromanaging our lives.

What we need is for everyone to exercise the law of respect. After all it is the most powerful law of them all!

I also want to put this out there, we don't have to play along!

We can refuse! And if we all start refusing things will change and quickly.

There are too many jobs out there, right?

They can't fire, fine, or even arrest everyone who says no we aren't putting up with it and they won't either.

Let's face it we still have the power to keep the train rolling or we have the power to bring it to a halt!

It is up to us! It is what is required of a free people, if they desire to continue to live free.

We have to stand up for each other! We have to stand up to the ruling class and let them know that this craziness has to stop.

When the people, I vote for act like children I let them know that I do not approve. I make it perfectly clear that I will work to see they do not serve another term! And when I have had to do that, the majority of the time it works. When it does not work, I keep making contact and I get others around me to also contact them as well. If the voice of the people is heard, and respected then they get my vote. If they ignore the voice of the people they serve, they are not servants of the people. They are self-serving and there is no room for self-service in public service!

We are a world on the brink of one world system of government. When it happens, it will not go well! It will end even worse!

And it's coming and there may be no way to stop it but we can slow it down and if we are equally diligent and raise generation after generation to be just as diligent maybe one day the plan, well it will be thwarted.

But we have done less in the last two generations to stop it! We are playing from behind and we have to win because there were very few free places in the world before our government funded, a Chinese created pandemic, now are freedoms are even less. And if what I see is not corrected and soon, we won't be free either!

And if you are okay with all this because you do not agree with the politics, let me ask you a couple of questions.

How would you feel about all these things if the party you voted against were doing this?

Would you be okay that these things happen to your family members?

The reason I ask is, as a student of history, it is clear that all people will be encapsulated by this venomous evil. It is the nature of human evil. The thing we know for sure, is that for almost 250 our form of government and our way of life provided the world with the best of everything. Sad to imagine what the world would have been had we never existed. Even sadder to imagine what the world will be if their plan to bring freedom to its knees were to succeed!

Because the people in power only care about the power and prestige they have, and many people have figured out. And we have effectually been replaced or at least those who have recently figured them out.

I want to throw something out there because I am always asking questions. Why the rush to usher in nearly two million refugees and grant them full citizenship with the right to vote before 2022?

And do they have a plan to overcome failure? Do they have a backup plan that could accomplish the same goal even if they lose on giving close to two million illegals the right to vote?

I think they do!

Do you ever wonder why they get so upset when dead people and people who haven’t voted in years are removed from voter rolls?

I don’t anymore! It is my opinion that they use unclean voter rolls to rig the outcomes. They get the votes because they know going in that they have a certain percentage of votes right out of the gate.

But Donald Trump was a wild card they had not planned for. He was exposing and has exposed them, to some degree.

But my guess is that with about two million more voters they hope to keep anything like Trump from happening again. In fact, their goal is to make sure they rule forever. They want America to be California, a one-party state.

We see how that worked out, right?

We can stop it! To fix it we have to bring them down off their high horse.

Together with one united voice we must rise, get loud and push back. We will need to become disobedient and not just a few of us. All of us!

We have to do email campaigns with our friends, families, neighbors, churches, wherever there is a group we have potential to give a loud voice to demand this foolishness stop.

Another thing we should do, because it is just the right thing to do, and it demonstrates our respect for each other and that is to respect all those who serve! We have to have the back of our service men and women and our first responders. We must also let them know that we stand with them.

If we allow any of these great men and women who serve and protect us to be removed from service because either party thinks the color of their skin is wrong or who they voted for is more important than the honor, with which they serve, we will not be safe.

We will get the Gestapo. But this time it will be a worldwide police state and rule because those left to serve will have but one opinion, the approved one.

Know this, if you choose Freedom and do nothing to secure it, you will be left with Tyranny! If you prefer Liberty and do not defend her, you will be enslaved! That is a universal truth, and it is have been proven true, time after time throughout history!

We are a world on the Brink!  What will you choose? Freedom and Liberty or Tyranny and Enslavement?

From Where the Eagle Soars!