What if...?

When our kids were growing up (I keep their names out of things for their privacy since they have nothing to do with what I say.) one in particular had a time when they learned to put together the words, "What if?"

I can't say they didn't get honestly. If you have read very much of what I write, then you know I ask questions!

I ask a lot of questions because questions are powerful lights into darkness. And sometimes the darkness the questions reveal lives within our own hearts and souls.

But each of us can do it! It just takes a little courage and some extra thought to mine the right questions.

We all ask a bunch of questions every day, right?

Do you have this?

Do you have this in size/color?

Can I get this on or with?

How much?

All day we ask questions, but most people, I think, get uncomfortable asking really tough questions and even asking questions of authority figures.

It is a sad condition of growing up. Sometimes parents do not want their own questioning them and kids grow up a usually perpetuate this for generations. It can be scary having others ask questions of you or your leadership. I don't know maybe it's just me?

As I watch, listen, or read the news on any given day I find that very few people will ask really tough questions unless they don't like the person or stand opposed to what a person believes, but I guess they are one in the same these days.

I digress, it's scary when you think about it though. The media who are the very people who are supposed to be our last line of defense against tyranny from either side are compromised!

It goes further though because the questions that really needs to be asked are not being asked by anyone. There are no “peaceful protests” no speaking out against our ruling class as they dismantle everything great about our nation.

As I talk to all kinds of people, doctors, lawyers, everyday Americans we all understand that what is going on is not right. But we are busy right? We are the ones who do all the working, paying, and dying for the freedoms we hold dear. Yet, in this instance we are as silent as lambs being led to slaughter. We know it is coming, yet we are collectively silent!

Why? Because everyone perceives these questions to be unaskable!

But everything we see in the media from either side would seem to me to dictate that these questions must be asked.

The government is not on our side. The media is against the people.

We are all alone so who will ask the questions that need to be asked, if not you or I?

If “We the People” do not rise-up with one voice and ask the tough questions and demand truthful answers, then we should all fear for our future. For it will be dark!

I remember telling my kids what someone told me, the only stupid question is the one not asked!

If that is true and I believe it to be, because I believe that questions do not harm, they lead us to knowledge and truth. They help us learn and point us in directions we may not otherwise choose.

Asking questions means we are paying attention!

Any last-minute questions before we jump? Yeah, why am we jumping? Don't the landing gear work? Oh God we are gonna die, aren’t we?

Sorry, I needed that little diversion of mind because even I find it difficult to ask certain questions. We all know there are challenging questions that we need to be asking and from whom.

But what will you think of me if I ask them? And honesty, that is at the heart of it, isn’t it? We do not want to be painted as a lunatic or fanatic! We are afraid of what it might cost us!

So let me ask you this. Will we remain scared? Will we deny that we ultimately have the power and cower afraid we will get canceled?

Will you ask and demand answers before it's too late? We all have the same things at stake. We all stand to lose the same things if we do not ask them. Who will watch out for you if not me and who will watch out for me if not you?

Here are some of mine, crazy as they may be. But then again, I never thought I'd see the day when I would be forced to wear a mask into a bank! What planet am I on?

I'm getting home sick for the seventies. I know what we did wrong, so if anybody can send me and I'll be happy to fix it.

So, without further ado let me present a couple "what if's".

What if when we head into an election year for the midterms we get another complete lock down, one like Australia?

What if they enact martial law, and begin door to door searches like Australia?

What if in fall coming next year our elections are either cancelled or locked down to mail in only?

What if....?

From Where the Eagle Soars